Fly Fishing for Asp


Aspius aspius

Fly Fishing for Asp

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Asp, also known as European perch, are a popular game fish found in many rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water throughout Europe and parts of Asia. They are known for their aggressive strikes and acrobatic fights, making them a challenging and exciting species to target on the fly.

Where can you fly fish for asp

Some of the best places to fly fish for asp is in the rivers and lakes of Sweden, Finland, and Norway. Or try some of the big rivers in Western Europe. These places are home to some of the largest populations of asp in Europe, and the clear, cold waters provide the perfect habitat. In Sweden, popular fly fishing destinations include Lake Vättern and the River Mörrum, while in Finland, Lake Saimaa and the River Kymijoki are known for their abundant asp populations. In Norway, the River Gaula and the lakes of the Jotunheimen region are prime spots for fly fishing for asp.

What flies work best

When it comes to flies, small, natural patterns are usually effective. They're opportunistic feeders that will eat a wide variety of insects and other small aquatic creatures. Some of the best flies for asp include nymph patterns like hare's ears and pheasant tails, as well as wet flies like the Grey Duster and the March Brown. Dry flies can also be effective, especially during the warmer months when they're more active and feeding near the surface. Lastly, as this is a predatory fish, small baitfish patterns are especially effective when you can see them hunting. The takes during these times can be truly spectacular!

How to fly fish for asp

When it comes to technique, fly fishing for asp is similar to other types of freshwater fly fishing. An AFTMA 5 to AFTMA 8 rod with a floating line (when they're close to the surface) or sinking line (primarily for fishing on lakes) are what you need. Asp are often found in weed beds and other structures, so using a weighted fly or adding split shot to the leader can help to get the fly down into the strike zone. Once the fly is in the water, a slow, steady retrieve with occasional pauses can be effective at triggering a strike.

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