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Sweden offers countless fly fishing opportunities. With cold, clear mountain streams and pristine lakes, this jewel of Scandinavia draws anglers from all over the globe.

For some, the chance to land a trophy salmon, brown trout, or Arctic char on a fly rod is irresistible. Others chase toothy pike in Sweden’s breathtaking mountain lakes or angle for massive sea trout on the country’s 3218 km of coastline.

Anglers that visit Sweden pursue Baltic Salmon in the northern rivers, target giant pike in scenic mountain lakes, and take to icy coastal waters to catch sea trout. Sweden has something for every fly fisher, and those who travel there for a fishing adventure are never disappointed.

Did you know?

Most of Sweden’s alpine region lacks roads. Lodges and guide services provide access but visiting anglers who seek the most remote fishing destinations should be prepared for a long hike or a short trip in a helicopter!

East and West

Sweden’s best fishing is located far from civilization—cold-water lakes and rivers nestled in an alpine fishing paradise. Northern Sweden is divided by the Scandinavian mountains, a range that creates two very different environments on its east and west slopes. Fish-filled streams flow westward toward the border with Norway, and on the east side, you’ll find numerous cold-water lakes and rivers.

Where to go fly fishing in Sweden

Curated locations, both guided and non-guided:

Stockholm Archipelago

Over 30,000 islands and endless fishing possibilities







Atlantic Salmon


Brook trout






Rainbow Trout



Sea Trout

Gotland Island

Coastal fishing paradise in the Baltic Sea





Sea Trout

Torne River

Fly fishers are drawn here for a chance to catch huge Baltic salmon


Atlantic Salmon

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Fishing license in Sweden


Saltwater fly fishers do not need to obtain permission or any type of license or permit. Swedish citizens and non-citizens are permitted to fish with a rod, line, and hook along Sweden’s coast.


There are no state-issued fishing licenses in Sweden, largely because most of the water is privately owned. To fish in most lakes and rivers in Sweden, anglers must obtain a personal valid local permit. Private parties own the fishing rights and sell permits through lodges, guide services, and online vendors like

There are a few places you can fish in Sweden without a permit. In four lakes located west of Stockholm, lakes Vättern, Vänern, Mälaren, and Hjälmaren, plus the county of Jämtland, Swedish citizens and non-citizens are allowed to fish without a permit. Likewise, no permit is required for fishing in lake Storsjön to the north. All other freshwater locations require you to get permission from the owner of the fishing rights.

No license needed for saltwater fishing
No state-issued licenses, most water is privately owned
There are a few places where you can fish without a permit
Check permits on

Species you can fly fish for in Sweden

Sweden’s proximity to the Arctic circle makes it one of the few places you can catch Arctic char, plus, the country offers world-class fishing for salmon, brown trout, and grayling. Still water fly fishers can target pike, perch, and other freshwater species, and coastal anglers can encounter huge sea trout during the cooler months of the year.

Arctic Char

Atlantic Salmon

Brook trout

Brown Trout

Common Carp





All fish in Sweden

Fly fishing guides in Sweden

These are the guides in Sweden that can help you exlore new waters and learn new skills.

Catch & Relax


Kalix Fly Fishing


Peter Berggren


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Flyfish webshops in Sweden

Webshops where you can find all your fly fishing gear.

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