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Yes it can be cold in Iceland, there are lots of stories with 'ice on the line'. But the summer months are doable to very pleasant. And the fly fishing can be very rewarding. You won't believe the size of the brown trouts you can catch in the lakes until you see the pictures...

And one thing that many don't realize until they're in Iceland: the landscape is beautifully unique due to Iceland essentially being one big vulcano so make sure to take in the scenery as well!

Did you know?

Fish was vital to the survival of the early settlers, as there was not much else to eat.

Where to go fly fishing in Iceland

Curated locations, both guided and non-guided:

Hofsá River Salmon Fishing

Atlantic salmon and breathtaking scenery


Atlantic Salmon

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Species you can fly fish for in Iceland

You would probably go to Iceland to fly fish for a few specific species that are on your list, not a very broad variety. If you're not sure yet which, how about some legendarily, insanely large brown trout?

Arctic Char

Atlantic Salmon

Brook trout

Brown Trout

Sea bass

Sea Trout


Weather in Iceland

The winter months are definitely cold, but during the summer the fishing is very doable. Note that these temperatures are for Reykjavik, and in other parts of the Island (especially further North) it can be colder.

Average max
Average min
Temperature in °C

Fly fishing guides in Iceland

These are the guides in Iceland that can help you exlore new waters and learn new skills.

Go Fishing Iceland


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Flyfish webshops in Iceland

Webshops where you can find all your fly fishing gear.

Einarsson Fly Reels


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