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Have you ever dreamt of casting your line into crystal-clear Scandinavian waters, surrounded by lush landscapes and an air of serenity? Look no further. Denmark boasts some unique and unforgettable experiences.

Denmark's extensive coastline, pristine rivers, and countless lakes create a diverse aquatic playground for fly fishers. The country's unique geography and mild climate, with cool summers and relatively warm winters, support a thriving ecosystem that makes for a memorable fishing experience. From saltwater adventures along the North Sea coast to serene escapes in the Danish countryside, every angler is sure to find their own personal paradise. You can find many fish species here, but the most sought-after ones are sea-run brown trout, grayling, and Atlantic salmon.

Did you know?

Denmark has 8750 km of coastline.

Where to go fly fishing in Denmark

Curated locations, both guided and non-guided:

Bornholm Island

Rocky shores sea trout dream

Atlantic Cod

Atlantic Halibut

Atlantic Mackerel



Sea bass

Sea Trout

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Species to fly fish for in Denmark

Denmark well known for species like sea trout, arctic char and salmon. If you're spending multiple days here, make sure to try something different too!

Arctic Char

Atlantic Mackerel

Atlantic Salmon



Brown Trout


Common Carp

European Flounder






Rainbow Trout



Sea bass

Sea Trout


Twaid shad

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The fish of 1000 casts

Denmark is a great option to catch (your first?) sea trout. With lots of coastline to cover, you might even catch one well before that 1000th cast...

Fishing license in Denmark

You'll need a fishing license if you're over 18 and not an national pensioner. Both for inland water and to fish along the shores.

It's really easy to buy online and will give you access to a vast amount of water to fly fish.

Before you go fishing it's important to check the closed season and protected zones.

About €40 for a full calendar year
Easy to buy online
Access to a lot of water throughout the country
More license information Check the info per location Buy a license online

Weather in Denmark

The winter months are definitely cold, but during the summer the fishing is very doable. Note that these temperatures are for Reykjavik, and in other parts of the Island (especially further North) it can be colder.

Average max
Average min
Temperature in °C

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Guides, workshops and more in Denmark

These are the organizations that can provide you with tips and tricks, guiding, workshops like fly tying and more:

Fishing Guide Denmark



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Flyfish webshops in Denmark

Webshops where you can find all your fly fishing gear.

A. Jensen

Future Fly



The Fly Co.

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