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As you venture into the heart of Finland, you'll quickly discover that its moniker, the "Land of a Thousand Lakes," is no exaggeration. With over 187,000 lakes and countless rivers, Finland is a fly fisher's paradise. The country's pristine waters and breathtaking landscapes create an unparalleled fly fishing experience.

Its sparsely populated landscapes, combined with stringent environmental regulations, help maintain the purity of its waters, ensuring a thriving ecosystem that supports an abundance of fish species. From the Arctic tundra of Lapland to the serene shores of the Finnish Lakeland, Finland's diverse habitats provide a unique fly fishing adventure unlike any other. As you probably know by now, it can get very cold in Finland, especially up North. It's important to do you research on the locations you want to fish, and what the weather will be like.

Did you know?

Finland has over 187,000 lakes

Species to fly fish for in Finland

Most fly fishing focusses on saltwater and river fishing, for species like Atlantic Salmon and trout.

Arctic Char

Atlantic Cod

Atlantic Halibut

Atlantic Mackerel

Atlantic Salmon

Brown Trout





Sea Trout

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The Finnish Lakeland

Lake Saima is the largest lake in Finland and part of the Finnish Lakeland. Saimaa and its surrounding waters are known for their healthy brown trout population. The optimal fishing season for brown trout here is from May to October.

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