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Fly tying

I am a 35-year-old fishing guide operating out of Pirkanmaa, specializing in fly fishing. With several years of experience in fly fishing and teaching, I am well-versed in the intricacies of the sport. I have earned a certified fishing guide professional qualification and am a member of the Finland Fishing Guide Guild. In addition, I occasionally write articles related to fishing, with my work featured in publications such as the Nordic Fly Fisher magazine.


I collaborate with various international companies, representing them in Finland both as a fly fisher and fly tier. These partnerships include English firms Veniard, Snowbee, Fulling Mill, and the Italian company Stonfo.

Services offered

If you've ever dreamed of learning the secrets of fly fishing, or if you're a seasoned angler looking to update your knowledge and skills with new tips, I am more than happy to serve you. My guiding services focus on the fascinating world of fly fishing and everything related to it. In addition to physical fishing, I also teach theories about fly fishing, fly tying, fish biology, and many other subjects that will help you develop your own expertise.

Ethical and respectful practices

Fishing and fishing situations must always take into account a respectful approach towards nature and fish. At fishing sites, general regulations are always observed, including restrictions, quotas, prohibitions, and courteous and acceptable etiquette towards other anglers is maintained. All events organized by Pilve Flyfishing also maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards alcohol and drugs, to ensure the safety of all participants.

Pilve Fly Fishing

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Fly tying by Pilve Fly Fishing

Fly tying

Learn to tie the patterns that not only work well in the waters where I guide, but in many more waters around the world.

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Expert advice for these species

Pilve Fly Fishing is an expert when it comes to fly fishing for these species:


Brook trout

Brown Trout





Rainbow Trout