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Embark on a journey through the breathtaking waters of Funen with Out Fishing, a truly unforgettable fishing experience. As your trusted guide, we're devoted to delivering a fishing adventure that goes beyond the ordinary, centered around the alluring quest for the elusive sea trout.

Experience the thrill

The magic of fishing lies in the experience - the anticipation, the thrill, and that moment of transcendence when time seems to stand still. We strive to provide you with this sense of wonder, creating a respite from daily routines where you can fully immerse yourself in the sport you love.

Our guides

Our team comprises only certified Danish Fishing Guides, passionate and knowledgeable anglers dedicated to enhancing your fishing journey. When you choose Out Fishing, you're choosing professional guidance and a fantastic adventure, every single time.

The magic of Funen

Funen's stunning coastline stretches over approximately 1,100 km, a haven for sea trout fishing. Here, regardless of season or weather, you'll always find a spot where your chances of landing a prized catch are high. This is why Funen is known as a unique and enchanting paradise for sea trout enthusiasts.

Customized tours

We value your individual preferences and aim to accommodate them to the best of our ability. Thus, we tailor and plan your tour according to your wishes, the season, and specific fishing conditions.


Nana Madsen shares her experience: "Nikolaj from Out Fishing was an absolutely fantastic guide. Very professional and with an impressive amount of knowledge! A huge recommendation; it’s certainly not the last time that Nikolaj has brought me on a guided tour!"

Echoing these sentiments, Klaus Giesecke says: "I had two of my best days of fly fishing experience ever together with Nikolaj end of March 2023 on Funen! For sure I will travel to Funen again for fly fishing on seatrout and will definitely book Nikolaj again as my guide! He is highly recommended by me!"

Nikolaj Andersen β€’ Out Fishing

Out Fishing

1100 kilometers of beautiful Danish coastline
Experience the Walhalla of sea trout fishing
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Experience the Walhalla of coastline sea trout fishing in Denmark. With a wealth of knowledge to fish in Funen, this will be the sea trout trip to remember forever.

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