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Experience the ultimate fishing escapade at Kalix, where a diverse range of species awaits. Our local waters teem with pike, perch, grayling, as well as stocked trout and arctic char. But the aquatic bounty doesn't stop there - we also offer opportunities to fish for lake fish, pike-perch, and salmon.

Enthralling expeditions to the Lapland mountains

We specialize in providing unforgettable fishing trips to the majestic Lapland mountains. It's an angler's paradise, offering the chance to reel in large trout, arctic char, and grayling. These fishing adventures are not just about the catch - they're also about immersing yourself in the stunning landscapes that are truly awe-inspiring.

All-Inclusive fishing trips

Every mountain fishing trip we offer includes comprehensive services to ensure a memorable and hassle-free experience. This includes accommodation in a Tentipi tent, all meals, transportation, and daily guidance from a seasoned local expert. Reach out to us to start planning your dream fishing adventure!

Summer mountain fishing: a unique experience

Your adventure starts with a pick-up from Kallax airport, followed by a scenic drive to the mountain base. From there, a helicopter whisks us away into the wilderness. Out here, it's just us and the untamed beauty of nature, with the only sounds being the tranquil murmur of the wilderness and the cheerful chatter of your friends.

Seven-day Salmon fishing package

Salmon fishing in unfamiliar territory is no small feat, which is why we've curated a seven-day salmon fishing package. Join us for a week-long adventure, and we'll guide you on where, when, and how to fish for salmon in these waters.

Pike fishing in Northern Sweden

Northern Sweden's diverse water bodies are home to many strong and agile pikes. From large lakes and small ponds to our spectacular rivers, we have a variety of fishing spots to choose from. River pikes are known for their strength, making them an exciting catch for any angler. We offer different fishing methods to suit your preferences, but fishing from a float tube is our top pick for a truly immersive fishing experience.

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Kalix Fly Fishing

Multiple stunning trout and salmon rivers to choose from
Multi-day trips, including a tipi tent and meals are available
Pike fly fishing available
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Kalix Fly Fishing Kalix Fly Fishing Kalix Fly Fishing Kalix Fly Fishing Kalix Fly Fishing Kalix Fly Fishing Kalix Fly Fishing Kalix Fly Fishing Kalix Fly Fishing

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Trout, salmon or pike and from small stream to big lake, we can do it all. If you go for a multi-day trip everything will be included. Get in touch to plan your ultimate fishing trip.

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Go fly fishing in these locations

Kalix Fly Fishing can take you fly fishing in many more locations, but these are the ones that are featured on FlyFish Circle:

Sweden πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ

Torne River

Fly fishers are drawn here for a chance to catch huge Baltic salmon


Atlantic Salmon

Expert advice for these species

Kalix Fly Fishing is an expert when it comes to fly fishing for these species:

Atlantic Salmon

Brown Trout


Sea Trout