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If you're new to the Netherlands and passionate about catching big pike on the fly, Dutch Fly Fishing Adventures provides the perfect opportunity for you. We offer guided fly fishing trips in both rural and urban settings throughout the country.

Expert Guides

Our friendly Dutch and English-speaking guides are highly experienced in locating fish and studying their behavior. They specialize in targeting a variety of species and will teach you how to find, target, and responsibly release the fish. With their support, we guarantee an exceptional adventure every time you join us.

The Netherlands: A Unique Fishing Destination

The Netherlands, commonly known as Holland, is a country in western Europe, well-known for its cheese, flowers, windmills, painters, and of course, its picturesque polder landscapes. Much of the land is below sea level, creating an intricate network of waterways that serve as ideal habitats for numerous fish species.

Abundance of Fish in Varied Waterways

The rivers and lakes in the Netherlands are teeming with large populations of fish. Surprisingly, even the smallest streams and ditches can be home to sizable catches. These diverse waterways offer anglers a range of exciting opportunities to hone their fly fishing skills and experience the thrill of landing a big catch.

Dutch Fly Fishing Adventures

Specialized in big predator fish
Locations from urban to country side
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Dutch Fly Fishing Adventures Dutch Fly Fishing Adventures Dutch Fly Fishing Adventures Dutch Fly Fishing Adventures

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Expert advice for these species

Dutch Fly Fishing Adventures is an expert when it comes to fly fishing for these species: