Fly Fishing for Musky


Esox masquinongy

Fly Fishing for Musky

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Bunny Leech

Captain Crunch

Clouser Minnow

EP Streamer

Frog Popper

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Where you can find Musky

On this map you see where there were observations of Musky around the world, to give you an idea in which continents, countries and waters you can find this fish species.

Years 2000 until now, source: GBIF

How to fly fish for musky

Musky, short for Muskellunge, are elusive and powerful, making the chase for these species all the more exciting.

When fly fishing for musky, it's essential to gear up properly. A 7 to 10-weight rod, matched with a high-capacity reel and a sink-tip or sinking line, is typically recommended. Additionally, a heavy wire leader is crucial due to the musky's sharp teeth.

Casting large, water-pushing flies is the norm when hunting for musky. Make sure to cover water thoroughly, as musky are often found in ambush positions near structure or weed edges.

The figure-eight technique is crucial when fly fishing for musky. Many musky follows your fly right to the last strip, and performing a figure-eight alternated with quick strips can often trigger a strike.

What are the best flies for musky?

Here are a few top-performing musky flies:

  1. Bunny Leech: Bunny leeches are large, vibrant, and create a significant amount of movement in the water. These attributes make them excellent for attracting musky.
  2. Double Cowgirl: This spinnerbait-style fly has large blades that produce a lot of flash and vibration, often triggering aggressive strikes from musky.
  3. Screaming Mimi: Built to move a lot of water and create disturbance, the Screaming Mimi is another great option when chasing musky.
  4. Musky Killer: As the name suggests, this large streamer has a proven track record when it comes to attracting these elusive fish.
  5. EP Streamer: This generic streamer pattern imitates baitfish from a variety of species, depending on the color and pattern used.

Top Locations for Musky Fishing

Musky are primarily found in the freshwater lakes and rivers of North America. Some of the best musky fly fishing can be found in the northern United States and Canada. This includes the Great Lakes region, particularly Wisconsin and Michigan, and Canadian waters, including the Ottawa River and Lake of the Woods.

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Flies that you can use to fly fish for Musky

Bunny Leech

Captain Crunch

Clouser Minnow

EP Streamer

Frog Popper

Lefty's Deceiver

Muddler Minnow



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Countries where you can fly fish for Musky

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ United States

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