Captain Crunch Fly

Captain Crunch

A flashy and bulky streamer pattern that's a good choice for a wide array of predatory fish.

How it's tied

The Captain Crunch is tied on a long-shank hook, usually in sizes 2 to 6. The fly’s body is often built up using various synthetic materials such as Flashabou or Krystal Flash, providing the glimmer that many baitfish exhibit in the water.

A key feature of the Captain Crunch is the use of long, flowing materials for the tail, such as marabou or rabbit fur strips. This gives the fly a lifelike, swimming action in the water. To imitate the baitfish's head, tiers use materials such as deer hair or wool, which can be spun and then trimmed to shape.

The pattern can be tied in a variety of colors, from natural hues such as olive and brown, to more vibrant options like chartreuse or pink, depending on the specific baitfish being imitated.

What it mimics

The Captain Crunch is designed to mimic a variety of baitfish, making it a versatile fly for different fishing conditions. Depending on the color and size of the fly, it can imitate everything from small minnows to larger baitfish species.

Where it's used

The Captain Crunch is commonly used in both freshwater and saltwater environments. Its flashy, baitfish-imitating design makes it effective for many predatory species, including bass, pike, and saltwater species like tarpon, redfish and sea bass.

The fly can be fished with a variety of techniques, from stripping it in to mimic a fleeing baitfish, to dead drifting it in current. 

Fly tying video for the Captain Crunch

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Fish you can can fly fish for with the Captain Crunch


Atlantic Cod

Atlantic Halibut

Atlantic Mackerel


Largemouth Bass






Sea bass

Smallmouth Bass

Striped bass

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