Bread fly Fly

Bread fly

This 'fly' mimics a piece of bread floating on the surface, a common food source in urban waters.

How it's tied

The Bread Fly is typically tied on a wide-gap hook to match the size of bread pieces commonly found in urban waters. The main body is created with a buoyant material, such as white or cream-colored deer hair or foam, to mimic the appearance and floatation of bread.

The material is spun or tied around the hook and then trimmed to a bread-like shape. The key to tying an effective Bread Fly lies in getting the color and texture right; it needs to closely resemble a piece of bread.

What it mimics

The Bread Fly is designed to imitate a piece of bread, a food item that fish in urban and suburban waters often encounter. While this may seem an unusual choice for a fly pattern, it can be highly effective in environments where fish are accustomed to feeding on bread thrown into the water by park-goers or picnickers.

Where it's used

The Bread Fly is primarily used in urban and suburban waters, such as park ponds or canals, where fish are used to human activity and the presence of bread. Carp, in particular, are known to take this pattern readily.

Fly tying video for the Bread fly

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Common Carp

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