Biscuit Pattern Fly

Biscuit Pattern

A funny little flie, mimicking a dog biscuit or piece of bread, used for targeting carp.

How it's tied

The Biscuit Fly is tied using a short or medium shank hook. It either uses spun deer hair (like in the picture), or closed-cell foam, which is cut into a rounded or oblong shape to imitate a piece of biscuit. A simple but effective fly.

What it mimics

The Biscuit Fly is a unique pattern, designed to imitate a piece of biscuit rather than a specific insect or aquatic organism. This fly is especially during warm months when carp are actively feeding. It's even more effective where carp are used to getting fed with all kinds of things (cookies, bread, popcorn...) like in city parks.

Where it's used

The Biscuit Fly is primarily used in water types and locations where carp are commonly found, such as lakes, ponds, slow-moving rivers, and canals. It is particularly effective during warm months when carp are more active and more likely to be found near the surface or cruising just below the surface, searching for food. To fish the Biscuit Fly most effective our tip is: just leave it. It's incredibly difficult to not want to twitch it a little when a carp is slowly approaching, but it's best to hold until they suck it in.

Fly tying video for the Biscuit Pattern

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Fish you can can fly fish for with the Biscuit Pattern

Common Carp

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