Brown Drake Nymph Fly

Brown Drake Nymph

A fly pattern designed to imitate the nymphal stage of the large Brown Drake mayfly.

How it's tied

Tying a Brown Drake Nymph typically involves a size 8-12 nymph or 2xl nymph hook. It starts with a lead or tungsten wire underbody to provide the necessary weight. The abdomen is created using a blend of brown and cream dubbing, often with a strip of dark thin skin over the top to suggest segmentation and a shell-like covering.

A fluffy dubbing loop or soft hackle is used to create the nymph's gills and legs. Biots or pheasant tail fibers often create the tail, and a pair of dark, bead-chain eyes complete the fly, adding to its realistic look.

What it mimics

The Brown Drake Nymph is a detailed and realistic imitation of the nymphal stage of the Brown Drake mayfly (Ephemera Simulans). This large and nutritious prey is a staple in the diet of trout and other freshwater fish, making the Brown Drake Nymph an effective pattern whenever these mayflies species are present in the water.

Where it's used

This nymph pattern is mainly used in rivers and streams where Brown Drake mayflies are common, but it can also be effective in stillwaters. It's particularly useful in the period leading up to the Brown Drake hatch in late spring and early summer, and often fished in deep pools.

Fly tying video for the Brown Drake Nymph

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Fish you can can fly fish for with the Brown Drake Nymph

Brook trout

Brown Trout


Cutthroat Trout

Golden Trout


Marble Trout

Rainbow Trout


Mayflies (Latin: Ephemeroptera)

The Brown Drake Nymph mimics one or more species from the insect order Mayflies

Latin: Ephemeroptera

Mayflies are aquatic insects known for their short adult lives, ephemeral presence, and importance to aquatic ecosystems.

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