Mickey Finn Fly

Mickey Finn

A slim shiny profile with a distinct yellow and red/orange wing, imitates small baitfish, effective to target both freshwater and saltwater species.

How it's tied

The Mickey Finn is tied using a long shank hook and a simple combination of materials. The body is typically formed from flat tinsel or floss, wrapped around the hook shank to create a slim, shiny profile. The wing is the key feature of the Mickey Finn, made from stacked bucktail, usually in a combination of yellow and red, which gives the fly its distinctive appearance. The bucktail is carefully layered and tied down at the head of the fly, then trimmed to shape. Some variations of the Mickey Finn may include additional features, such as a throat made from hackle fibers or a head made from epoxy.

What it mimics

The Mickey Finn is designed to imitate small baitfish, such as minnows, shiners, or dace. Its slender profile, bright colors, and lifelike movement make it an effective and attention-grabbing imitation. It's mostly used 

Where it's used

The Mickey Finn is adaptable and can be used in all water types, both freshwater and saltwater. It is particularly effective in areas where baitfish are abundant or when fish are actively feeding on smaller prey. To fish the Mickey Finn effectively, use a variety of retrieves, such as stripping, twitching, or swinging, to mimic the erratic movement of a wounded or fleeing baitfish.

The Mickey Finn is mostly used for, but not limited to, trout and bass. It can also be effective for targeting other predatory fish species, such as pike, musky, or saltwater species like seabass, sea trout and redfish.

Fly tying video for the Mickey Finn

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Fish you can can fly fish for with the Mickey Finn


Atlantic Cod

Atlantic Halibut

Atlantic Mackerel

Atlantic Salmon

Brook trout

Brown Trout

Cutthroat Trout

European Flounder


Golden Trout


Largemouth Bass

Marble Trout




Rainbow Trout

Sea bass

Sea Trout

Smallmouth Bass


Striped bass

Twaid shad

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