Shrimp Pattern Fly

Shrimp Pattern

Versatile, realistic imitation of shrimp for various fish species, used in freshwater to saltwater.

How it's tied

The Shrimp Pattern comes in many varieties and sizes, tied on hooks ranging from size 6 to 8/0, depending on the target species and specific shrimp being imitated. Materials such as dubbing, synthetic fibers, or natural materials like rabbit fur or marabou can be used for the body and tail. Legs and antennae are often created using rubber, silicone, or monofilament materials. Weight can be added using lead wire or dumbbell eyes to help the fly sink and create a lifelike swimming action.

What it mimics

The Shrimp Pattern is designed to imitate various species of shrimp, a vital food source for many fish species in both freshwater and saltwater environments. The fly's realistic profile and movement make it an effective representation of these crustaceans. The Shrimp Pattern can be tied in various sizes, colors, and forms to match the specific shrimp species found in different fishing environments, increasing its effectiveness for a wide range of fish species.

Where it's used

The Shrimp Pattern is effective in a wide variety of water, but the two most primary ones where shrimp patterns are used are the salt (bigger variations, targeting saltwater predatory fish like sea bass) and streams (smaller variations, targeting mainly trout).

Fly tying video for the Shrimp Pattern

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Shrimp Pattern Shrimp Pattern Shrimp Pattern

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Fish you can can fly fish for with the Shrimp Pattern

Arctic Char

Atlantic Cod

Atlantic Halibut

Atlantic Mackerel

Atlantic Salmon


Brown Trout

Cutthroat Trout

European Flounder


Golden Trout



Largemouth Bass

Marble Trout




Rainbow Trout


Sea bass

Sea Trout

Smallmouth Bass


Striped bass

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