Griffith's Gnat Fly

Griffith's Gnat

Griffith's Gnat is a versatile dry fly pattern, mimicking small midges and other insects.

How it's tied

The Griffith's Gnat is a simple yet effective fly pattern, tied using a short shank hook, fine thread, and only two primary materials: peacock herl and grizzly hackle. The body is made from one or more strands of peacock herl, wrapped around the hook shank to create a slender, segmented profile. The grizzly hackle is then palmered along the body, which adds movement, imitates legs or wings, and provides some buoyancy. The Griffith's Gnat can be tied in different sizes to match the prevalent insects in your fishing area.

What it mimics

The Griffith's Gnat is designed to imitate small midges, particularly midge clusters, and other diminutive aquatic insects that trout and other fish species feed on. Its slender profile, subtle iridescence from the peacock herl, and the movement provided by the grizzly hackle make it an effective imitation of various insects, making it a valuable pattern for any fly angler.

Where it's used

The Griffith's Gnat is versatile and can be used in various water types, including rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds. It is particularly effective during midge hatches. To fish the Griffith's Gnat effectively, present it delicately on the water's surface and allow it to drift naturally with the current. You might need some floatant if you want it to stay on the surface even after a few casts. In addition to dead drifting, you can use twitches to create the mimic a struggling insect.

Fly tying video for the Griffith's Gnat

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Griffith's Gnat Griffith's Gnat

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Fish you can can fly fish for with the Griffith's Gnat

Brook trout

Brown Trout

Cutthroat Trout

Golden Trout


Marble Trout

Rainbow Trout



True Flies (Latin: Diptera)

The Griffith's Gnat mimics one or more species from the insect order True Flies

Latin: Diptera

Diptera, or true flies, are insects with one pair of wings and a pair of halteres, which aid in balance and flight.

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