Klinkhammer Fly


Innovative pattern, imitates emerging insects, partially submerged, effective during hatches.

How it's tied

The Klinkhammer fly is typically tied using a Partridge Klinkhammer or similar curved shank hook. The abdomen consists of a thin dubbed body material, while the thorax is created with a denser dubbing or peacock herl. The wing post is made of a synthetic material, such as poly yarn or Antron, and the hackle is tied parachute-style around the wing post. Sometimes a piece of foam is used to help it stay afloat better. The final result is a fly that suspends its body below the water's surface, with the hackle and wing post riding above.

What it mimics

The Klinkhammer is an emerger pattern designed to mimic various aquatic insects in their emergent stage, as they transition from nymphs to flying adults. This is a vulnerable stage for insects, making them an attractive meal for hungry fish. The Klinkhammer's unique design allows it to effectively imitate mayflies, caddisflies, and midges in this stage, with the submerged abdomen resembling the nymphal shuck and the exposed hackle and wing post representing the emerging adult and it's wings.

Where it's used

The versatility of the Klinkhammer makes it an excellent choice for fly fishing in a wide range of environments, from small streams to larger rivers and lakes. The fly's ability to mimic various insects makes it effective throughout the fly fishing season, as different insects emerge at different times. Adjusting the size, color, and materials used to tie the Klinkhammer can help match the specific insects found in a given location, increasing its effectiveness. 

Fly tying video for the Klinkhammer

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Klinkhammer Klinkhammer Klinkhammer

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Fish you can can fly fish for with the Klinkhammer

Arctic Char

Brook trout

Brown Trout


Common Carp

Cutthroat Trout

Golden Trout



Marble Trout

Rainbow Trout




Insect orders relevant to the Klinkhammer

These are insect orders of which one or more species are mimicked by the Klinkhammer.





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