Stoat's Tail Fly

Stoat's Tail

A classic salmon and sea trout pattern featuring a streamlined profile, black body, and contrasting wing for attraction.

How it's tied

The Stoat's Tail fly is tied using a short or medium shank hook. The body is formed from black floss or dubbed fur, wrapped around the hook shank to create a slim shape. A ribbing material, such as fine silver wire or tinsel, is used to create segmentation along the body and to add a touch of flash. The tail is made from a small bunch of fibers, usually red or orange, to provide a hint of color. The wing is the defining feature of the Stoat's Tail fly, consisting of a bunch of white or cream-colored hair from animals like bucktail or Arctic fox.

What it mimics

The Stoat's Tail fly is designed to imitate small baitfish, shrimp, or other aquatic organisms that are common food sources for salmon and sea trout.

Where it's used

The Stoat's Tail fly is used in waters where salmon and sea trout are found, which means both freshwater and saltwater. It is particularly effective when targeting these fish during their migratory runs or when they are actively feeding on small baitfish or shrimp.

Fly tying video for the Stoat's Tail

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Fish you can can fly fish for with the Stoat's Tail

Atlantic Salmon

Sea Trout

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