Fly fishing photography tips

26th of May 2023

In the video "Fly fishing photography tips" by Fly Fishing by Robert, Robert shares valuable insights on how to capture the perfect shot while out fishing. The video covers a range of topics, from the ideal camera settings to the best angles and poses for capturing both the fish and the angler. Robert emphasizes the importance of communication between the photographer and the subject, as well as the need to respect the fish by minimizing their time out of water.

Fly fishing photography tips by Robert

Choosing the right equipment

Robert suggests using a wide-angle lens for general fishing photos, as it allows for a broader view of the scene. However, he also mentions that smartphones can be used effectively, as they often have smart automatic settings that can adjust to the environment. For those using a larger camera, he recommends manually dialing in the settings for the best results.

Capturing the perfect fish portrait

When taking a picture of a fish, Robert suggests a few tricks to enhance the photo. First, he recommends removing any glasses from the person holding the fish to better capture their emotions. He also suggests having the person sit down on their knees in the water or in the boat, as this can create a more appealing image.

He also emphasizes the importance of focusing on the right spot. He suggests focusing on the eye or the head of the fish, as this is often the first thing people are drawn to in a fishing photo.

The importance of a good net

Having a good net is crucial when trying to capture the perfect fishing photo. A large net allows the fish to stay in the water while the photographer prepares for the shot. This not only ensures the fish's safety but also allows the photographer to check that everything is in place before taking the photo.

Experimenting with different angles

Robert encourages experimenting with different angles and perspectives when taking fishing photos. He suggests trying to take photos from a level that is in between the eyes of the person and the fish. He also recommends keeping the camera level and straight, as any tilting can distort the perspective and make the photo look odd.

Capturing the fishing scene

When it comes to capturing the overall fishing scene, Robert recommends either going super wide or using a telephoto lens for a more dramatic shot. He suggests including both the foreground and the background in the shot to create a more complete picture.


The video provides a comprehensive guide to capturing the perfect fishing photo, covering everything from the right equipment to the best angles and poses. Whether you're using a smartphone or a professional camera, these tips can help you capture memorable and high-quality fishing photos.

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