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Country trips

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of fishing in Switzerland, waiting for you to explore.

Pursuit of trout

What could surpass a day spent amidst some of Europe's finest landscapes, as you hunt for Farios in pristine streams? For an unmatched experience, I extend my guidance services across some of Switzerland's most productive fishing waters.

Adventure with pike

Fishing for pike in Switzerland's stunning mountain lakes goes beyond ordinary fishing. I will lead you to secluded spots teeming with a substantial population of pike.

Boat-based fishing

Utilizing a boat or float tube for fishing opens up opportunities to reach locations that would otherwise remain untouched. The possibilities are endless, whether you're targeting pike, zander, perch, or roach, when fishing from a boat!

The allure of grayling

Grayling may be seen as the "naïve little cousin" of trout to some, while others cherish it as one of the most treasured catches. From my perspective, it's an intriguing species for fly-fishing. This species delights in surface feeding and is known to put up a tough fight. Stay ready if you stumble upon a school of feeding grayling, as your fly is going to face a real challenge!

Targeting barbel

Brace yourself for a thrilling chase if a freshwater bonefish— the barbel— bites your nymph. These fish present an excellent option when trout fishing is underperforming. Irrespective of the season, be it during the warm peak of summer or the chilly beginnings when the rivers are still cold, barbel are always up for seizing a nymph and setting off on a marathon run.

Catch the Fish

Target pike, trout, grayling and barbel
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Fly fishing guiding by Catch the Fish


As a certified fishing guide and connoisseur of Swiss waters, I offer full and half day trips to take you to the most beautiful waters of Switzerland.

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Workshops by Catch the Fish

Tuition / Workshops

Group, semi-private or private fishing courses for beginners and amateurs. Perfect your fishing technique, learn how to read the river or tie your own flies.

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Fly tying by Catch the Fish

Country trips

Fishing trips in Switzerland, Sweden or Italy. We organize together the trip according to your desires in order to offer you the best possible experience.

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Catch the Fish can take you fly fishing in many more locations, but these are the ones that are featured on FlyFish Circle:

Switzerland 🇨🇭

Lac de la Gruyère

Pike and perch on lake Gruyère




Expert advice for these species

Catch the Fish is an expert when it comes to fly fishing for these species:


Brown Trout