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At LTS Fly Fishing, we are dedicated to teaching the art of fly fishing in a single session lasting approximately 4 hours. We believe in creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, so if we're having a great time, we won't be watching the clock. Our aim is to cover all the topics you wish to learn during this course, and we'll collaborate to devise a plan before we begin. Our fly fishing introductory course makes for an excellent gift or a delightful experience for yourself!

What You'll Learn

Of course, we'll teach you the essentials of casting, and delve into the world of rods and reels, but our primary focus will be on lines, leaders, and flies. It's crucial to learn proper casting techniques to prevent developing bad habits. We'll take you to the water's edge and lay the foundation so you can continue exploring fly fishing on your own. If you don't have the necessary equipment, don't worry – we can provide it for you.

Fly Fishing from a Kayak

If you've always wanted to try kayak fishing but don't own a kayak, you can book a workshop with us. We'll gather by the water in the morning, where we'll introduce you to the kayaks and share some refreshments. Once we're acquainted, we'll head out on the water and explore the possibilities that kayak fishing has to offer.

We use fishfinders to locate underwater structures and fish, ensuring an engaging experience. You'll feel a newfound sense of freedom while fly fishing from a kayak.

LTS Fly Fishing

Kayak fly fishing workshop
Go from zero to fly fishing in 4 hours
Decades of experience across the world
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Tuition / Workshops

Learn essential casting techniques and explore rods, reels, lines, leaders, and flies with LTS Fly Fishing. Master proper casting to avoid bad habits. Join our €69,00 course, with equipment provided if needed.

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