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The allure of alpine rivers first captivated me in 2010, when I moved to Zell am See for a hockey club contract. The Salzach River's crystal-clear waters and the city's surrounding lake's spectacular beauty reignited my passion for fishing.

Following in My Father's Footsteps

My love for fishing traces back to my childhood, inspired by my father who represented the Czech Republic in numerous European and World fly-fishing championships. Learning to use an artificial fly from him, I was instantly hooked. Throughout my youth, I competed, winning many local events and even earning a nomination for the Junior World Fly Fishing Championship in Scotland in 2002. I recognized then that my fishing addiction had no cure. However, my professional ice hockey career, with its demanding schedule, did not align with my lifelong passion for fly fishing.

A New Chapter in Fly Fishing

After my ice hockey career ended, I permanently settled in Zell am See and re-devoted myself to fly fishing. For the past 11 years, I've explored every lake and river in this area and crafted numerous local top fly patterns.

Recently, I decided to share my knowledge and experience as a guide with fellow fly fishermen eager to explore the beautiful, well-stocked fisheries surrounding Zell am See. I'll take you to places you'd never discover alone, assist you in finding the right fishing spot, teach you how to approach it, utilize the most successful fly fishing techniques, and choose the right fly pattern for success. For those less experienced, I can help refine your fishing tactics, improve your casting on rivers and lakes, and show you how to effectively land a big fish.

I look forward to meeting you all in this truly remarkable fly fishing paradise in the Alps. Best wishes and tight lines!

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Fly Fishing in the Alps

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Guiding is available for 1 or 2 people, and for a full or half day. Groups can also be guided, but requires a bit more planning given we need to the find the right location. There's a lot of possibilities given the range of locations I have available. Just get in touch and we'll plan a great day of fly fishing the Alps!

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