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Fresh Salt Guiding is a lure and fly fishing guide service located in the Llyn Peninsula, near the coastal village of Abersoch in the UK. They operate over the species-rich waters of the Llyn coastline, estuarine, and river systems. The main target species for their trips are European Seabass, Mullet, Salmon/Trout, and Pike/Perch. The Salmon and Seatrout are predominantly pursued on private estate waters of the Middle Welsh Dee and Pike on the rivers' lower stretches and various Welsh still waters.

Fresh Salt Guiding

From sea trout to perch
Four stunning locations available
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Fresh Salt Guiding Fresh Salt Guiding Fresh Salt Guiding Fresh Salt Guiding

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Get in touch for details about guiding in one of our 4 locations. We can go after European Seabass, Mullet, Salmon, Trout, and Pike / Perch.

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Expert advice for these species

Fresh Salt Guiding is an expert when it comes to fly fishing for these species:

Atlantic Salmon

Brown Trout



Sea bass