Yves Faillenet

Based in: France 🇫🇷



Fly tying

Experience rapid progress and achieve your goals with a qualified, experienced fishing guide. Discover beautiful fishing spots on rivers, lakes, and ponds.

Full equipment provided and included in service. Transfer to fishing locations with a suitable vehicle.

Learn specialized techniques from your fishing instructor:

  • Fly fishing courses for all levels
  • Trout lure fishing courses
  • Nymph (natural bait) trout fishing courses
  • Predator lure or streamer (fly) fishing courses

Workshops and guiding from beginner to expert

For those eager to start fly fishing, our introductory workshop meets your expectations. We'll cover equipment discovery, basic casting techniques, fly targeting and placement, leader setup, knots and connections, presentations (upstream, cross-stream, downstream), approach strategies, entomology basics (insect study), and an introduction to essential fly patterns.

If you're more experienced, we can help you improve and refine both your knowledge and technique. From theory to practice, you'll upskill in a day packed with knowledge.

We also have fly tying courses available!

Yves Faillenet

Workshops, guiding and fly tying available
Decades of experience across dozens of beautiful locations
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Fly fishing guiding by Yves Faillenet


Guiding is available on many different waters and species that you want to target.

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Workshops by Yves Faillenet

Tuition / Workshops

We have workshops available for every single level of fly fishing. If you've never held a fly rod before, or if you've been fly fishing for decades, we can always help you grow and learn.

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Fly tying by Yves Faillenet

Fly tying

With decades of experience in both fly fishing and fly tying, we can help you get started with the exciting hobby of fly tying, or we can help you learn new, unique and effective patterns.

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Go fly fishing in these locations

Yves Faillenet can take you fly fishing in many more locations, but these are the ones that are featured on FlyFish Circle:

France 🇫🇷

La Loue River

A beautiful river with many different spots to fish


Brown Trout


Expert advice for these species

Yves Faillenet is an expert when it comes to fly fishing for these species:

Brown Trout



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