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Dive into a mesmerizing fly fishing adventure at New Zealand’s South Island's peak, guided by acclaimed expert Aaron Ford. Traverse untouched rivers, immerse in awe-inspiring scenery, and experience the thrill of fly fishing in some of the globe's most fertile waters. With Ford's tailor-made fishing expeditions, anglers of all levels are assured of an unparalleled experience.

About Aaron Ford

With two decades of fly fishing under his belt, Aaron Ford is a well-regarded and accomplished guide in the South Island. His fervor for fly fishing and in-depth knowledge of the area's rivers and fish species make him an ideal guide for your fishing journey. Ford's affable and patient approach, coupled with his commitment to conservation and sustainable fishing, ensures a remarkable environment for learning, relaxation, and nature bonding.

Untouched Rivers and Wilderness

The South Island's top is rich in pristine rivers and streams brimming with wild brown and rainbow trout. From the famed Nelson Lakes region to the breathtaking Marlborough Sounds, this region is a haven for fly fishing enthusiasts. With Ford as your guide, experience unrivalled fishing in secluded, fruitful spots.

Next to the trout fishing, we also offer yellow tail kingfish fly fishing on the flats!

Customized Fishing Adventures

Aaron Ford acknowledges the unique needs and skills of every angler. Whether you're a novice or an experienced fly fisher, Ford will customize your fishing adventure to your preferences. From short trips to multi-day explorations, he'll craft a bespoke itinerary to maximize your fishing success.

Fly Fishing Lessons and Knowledge Sharing

Ford offers comprehensive lessons for beginners on casting techniques, fly selection, and water reading. His supportive teaching style will rapidly boost your confidence and skills. Seasoned anglers can also benefit from Ford's vast knowledge, honing advanced techniques to enhance their fishing skills.

Conservation and Sustainability

As a fervent conservationist, Ford is dedicated to preserving South Island's delicate ecosystems and fish populations. His adherence to sustainable fishing and promotion of catch-and-release practices ensure these precious resources' continued existence.

Memory-Making Fly Fishing Adventures

Beyond the excitement of trout fishing, your journey with Ford offers more. Soak up the breathtaking landscapes, encounter native wildlife, and make lifelong memories.

Book Your Adventure

Embark on an extraordinary fly fishing adventure with Aaron Ford in New Zealand's South Island. Secure your spot today and let Ford guide you to an unforgettable fishing experience where tranquillity, exhilaration, and natural beauty intersect.


Tailored trips for all skill levels
From casting to fly selection and water reading
Experience unrivalled fishing in secluded, fruitful spots
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We can customize your fishing adventure to your preferences. From short trips to multi-day explorations, we'll craft a bespoke itinerary to maximize your fishing success.

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