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Nestled within the rich fly-fishing landscapes of Pennsylvania, Sky Blue Outfitters emerges as a distinguished guide service. With its roots dating back to 1999, it stands as Pennsylvania's most comprehensive fly-fishing guide service. Whether you're exploring the vibrant waters of Penns Creek or the tranquil settings of Tulpehocken Creek, Sky Blue Outfitters promises an adventure worth cherishing​.

The Legacy of Sky Blue Outfitters

Initiated by Rick Nyles in 1999, Sky Blue Outfitters has grown exponentially over the years. From its humble beginnings to guiding on Pennsylvania's best streams like Spring Creek, Pine Creek, and Little Juniata River, its journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Rick, with his passion and dedication, expanded the service, even taking it beyond Pennsylvania to places like Montana, Idaho, and Labrador. Today, the guide service boasts a robust team of eight guides, each bringing a unique set of skills and experiences to the table​.

Diverse Fly Fishing Experiences

Eastern Pennsylvania Adventures

The eastern side of Pennsylvania, split into Southeast and Northeast regions, offers a plethora of fly-fishing opportunities. From the freestone streams of Southeastern Pennsylvania to the diverse aquatic life of Manatawny Creek, Sky Blue Outfitters ensures an unparalleled experience. The team's in-depth knowledge of these streams, coupled with their dedication, has made them the go-to guide service in the region.

Central Pennsylvania Expeditions

Central Pennsylvania, with its vast landscapes and abundant water bodies, is a fly fisher's paradise. Streams like Pine Creek, Kettle Creek, and Penns Creek provide diverse fishing experiences. Whether it's chasing the Green Drakes around State College or exploring the depths of Elk Creek, Sky Blue Outfitters guides you every step of the way.

Education and Presentations

Fly fishing is as much about learning as it is about catching. Sky Blue Outfitters offers an array of educational programs, from entomology insights to casting instruction. Their presentations, held at various TU Chapters and Fly Fishing clubs, are renowned for their informative and engaging content. Whether you're a novice looking to grasp the basics or an expert aiming to refine your skills, Sky Blue's offerings cater to all.

Commitment to the Community

Sky Blue Outfitters is not just about fly fishing; it's about giving back. They support Trout Unlimited Chapters, Fly Fishing Clubs, and the broader fly fishing community through donations and services. Their dedication to conservation and education has made them a beloved entity within the community.

Sky Blue Outfitters

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Sky Blue Outfitters Sky Blue Outfitters Sky Blue Outfitters Sky Blue Outfitters Sky Blue Outfitters Sky Blue Outfitters Sky Blue Outfitters Sky Blue Outfitters

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Sky Blue Outfitters, established in 1999, provides comprehensive fly-fishing guide services across Pennsylvania's best streams, including Spring Creek, Pine Creek, and Little Juniata River. With a team of eight experienced guides, they offer tailored adventures, ensuring anglers experience the rich aquatic diversity of the region

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Tuition / Workshops

Sky Blue Outfitters offers a range of educational programs for fly fishing enthusiasts, encompassing areas like entomology, casting instruction, and fly tying. Their specialized presentations, tailored for Trout Unlimited Chapters and Fly Fishing Clubs, are designed to both inform and engage participants, enhancing their fly fishing skills and knowledge

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Expert advice for these species

Sky Blue Outfitters is an expert when it comes to fly fishing for these species:

Brook trout

Brown Trout

Rainbow Trout

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