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Situated in the verdant South Island of New Zealand, Aotearoa is an angler's paradise with its crystal clear streams nestled amidst striking mountains and indigenous forests. The adrenaline of spotting and catching trophy trout has consistently attracted fishers from around the globe to this wonderland, famously referred to by Zane Grey as the "Anglers El Dorado".

Globally recognized for its superior Brown and Rainbow Trout fisheries, coupled with the impressive size of its fish and awe-inspiring landscapes, the South Island of New Zealand offers some of the finest fly-fishing opportunities found anywhere on the planet.

Comprehensive Access to South Island's Prime Fishing Waters

Our operations are centered in the heart of the South Island, Christchurch, providing us with access to hundreds of kilometers of exceptional fishing waterways. From the sun-drenched vistas of Nelson to the snow-laden peaks of the Southern Alps, and the rainforest-enshrouded valleys of the West Coast, our fishing expeditions span this truly untamed territory.

Renowned Kiwi Hospitality and Unforgettable Experiences

As New Zealanders, we deeply value hospitality and strive to tailor your fly fishing experience to your unique preferences. Beyond providing the world's top-tier fly fishing, New Zealand also boasts a rich array of world-class wines and gourmet foods, alongside year-round adventure tourism options.

Join Hannah for an Extraordinary Fishing Adventure

Hannah is excited to guide you on an unforgettable fishing journey, leading the pursuit for the ever-mysterious backcountry trout. With her expertise and your enthusiasm, this adventure is set to be a memorable highlight in your fly fishing story. Hannah is a professionally registered fishing guide in NZ (member of the NZPFGA).

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She's On The Fly

Hundreds of kilometers of exceptional fishing waterways
Some of the finest fly-fishing opportunities found anywhere on the planet.
Tailored fly fishing experiences
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She's On The Fly She's On The Fly She's On The Fly She's On The Fly She's On The Fly She's On The Fly She's On The Fly She's On The Fly

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Hannah offers personalized guiding, meticulously planning each expedition based on your skill level and interests, ensuring a successful and enjoyable fly fishing adventure. From selecting the perfect spot to sharing expert tips on techniques, Hannah's guiding service guarantees an enriching experience as you seek the elusive backcountry trout.

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