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Embark on a remarkable fly fishing adventure guided by an accredited (NZPGFA) professional, Rob Vaz. Renowned as a former NZ National Fly Fishing Champion and a New Zealand representative, Rob boasts a wealth of experience guiding trout fishing expeditions in the Central North Island. Having spent his formative years in the Waikato region, he has personally explored numerous prime trout fly fishing spots both in New Zealand and internationally.

With a history of representing New Zealand in competitions, Rob has honed contemporary techniques to secure successful trout catches, promising an exceptional fly fishing venture for you. Rob is dedicated to providing a delightful day out, seizing every chance to impart new fly fishing skills to both novices and seasoned anglers alike. Take this opportunity to be guided by a prominent member of the NZ Professional Guides Association and enhance your fly fishing experience with Rob.

Dive into Fly Fishing or Czech/Euro Nymphing

Under Rob's tutelage, you can grasp the fundamentals of fly fishing or venture into the realm of Czech/Euro nymphing, a domain he ventured into well before it became a mainstream technique. His learning journey led him across Europe, immersing himself in the Czech nymphing method, and quickly becoming one of the early adopters of this approach during the 1990s.

While this method has been in existence for a while, Rob eagerly shares the intricate secrets of Euro and Czech nymphing with those he guides. This effective technique promises not only increased fish encounters but also introduces an exhilarating new dimension to your fishing experience.

Robfish Fly Fishing New Zealand


Member of the NZ Professional Guides Association
Czech/Euro Nymphing expert
Fly fish the Central North Island
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Fly fishing guiding by Robfish


Rob Vaz offers personalized guiding services, inviting you to immerse yourself in the world of fly fishing with an experienced mentor by your side. From beginners eager to learn the basics to seasoned anglers looking to refine their skills, Rob crafts each adventure to meet individual needs and skill levels. Leveraging his vast knowledge and hands-on experience, he ensures a rewarding and enriching fly fishing journey that promises not just a catch, but the cultivation of lifelong skills.

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