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Hawkes Bay presents an array of splendid locations for trout fishing. Take pleasure in exploring this premium trout fishery, guided by the local authority on trout fly fishing, Tony Hildesheim.

Journey Through Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Every one of our rivers is perfectly suited for fly fishing, allowing you to catch trout with nymphs and dry flies. We facilitate trout fishing trips throughout the renowned North Island east coast and central plateau regions of New Zealand.

Our base of operations is nestled on the eastern coast of North Island, New Zealand, close to Napier and Hastings in Hawkes Bay. This place is merely an hour's flight or a six-hour drive south of the city of Auckland.

The city of Napier, famed for its art deco architecture, boasts a domestic airport and a range of accommodation choices. I can guide you from here to some of the finest trout fishing rivers and exquisite countryside, assisting you in catching sizable rainbow and brown trout.

Embracing the Local Trout Fishing Method

When it comes to catching trout in Hawkes Bay rivers, my expertise lies in sight fishing in tributary streams and main rivers with a three-fly nymph fishing rig. This method employs two nymphs and a stimulator dry fly, acting both as an indicator and trout catcher.

Whether you're a seasoned international fly fisherman or a local Kiwi angler, I invite you to experience firsthand the effectiveness of this method by reserving a guided day trout fishing trip today.

Experience Various Trout Fishing Adventures

  • Day Fishing Trips: I can arrange a day trout fishing trip on one of our exemplary Hawkes Bay Rivers or the mighty Ruakituri River, tailored to your style, ability, and schedule.
  • Lodge and Overnight Trips: Explore a variety of rivers and lakes over 2-3 days, with riverside accommodations just a 1 to 3-hour drive from Napier.
  • Backcountry Fishing: Some of our rivers provide excellent opportunities for a tramping adventure, camping out for a couple of nights.
  • Saltwater Fly Fishing: Casting flies from a boat or the shore at unsuspecting saltwater fish is an exhilarating experience. Potential catches include kahawai, kingfish, tuna, trevally, and snapper.

Hawkes Bay stands among New Zealand's superior trout fishing regions. Its rivers, lakes, backcountry streams, and spring creeks provide wonderful prospects for catching trophy wild brown and rainbow trout.

Join us on a day trip or a multi-day fly fishing backcountry adventure, tailored to your style, ability, and time. To inquire or book a fly fishing adventure for trout in Hawkes Bay with Tony Hildesheim, contact us today.

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We have many different fly fishing adventures available. From single to multi-day and fly fishing the salt is an option as well. Get in touch for more details.

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