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North Idaho stands as a beacon for fly fishing enthusiasts. With its pristine waters and lush surroundings, it offers an unparalleled fishing experience. Among the elite fly fishing guide services in North Idaho is Off-Grid Angler, promising not just a day on the water but a unique fly fishing journey​.

About Jeremy Patterson

Jeremy Patterson, the heart and soul behind Off-Grid Angler, is not just an owner but a passionate fly fisher. Raised in North Idaho, Jeremy's early years were spent mastering the art of fly fishing along the Priest River. His profound understanding of North Idaho waters, combined with his passion, led to the establishment of Off-Grid Angler. Under his guidance, both newcomers and seasoned anglers can expect a memorable fishing experience, enriched with Jeremy's extensive knowledge and patient teaching​.

Multiple Trout Species

Fly fishing at Priest River, with Off-Grid Angler, offers anglers the exciting possibility of hooking into seven different species of trout in a single float. From Brook to Bull Trout, the river's diversity promises an exhilarating experience​.

A Secluded Adventure

One of the standout features of floating the Priest River is its untouched beauty. It's not uncommon for anglers to spend an entire float without encountering another soul, immersing them in nature's serenity​.

Exceptional Water Clarity

The Priest River Watershed is recognized as one of Idaho's cleanest water bodies. This clarity allows anglers to observe fish taking their baits, be it dries, nymphs, or streamers​.

Record Breakers and Stunning Landscapes

Priest Lake, often termed Idaho's Crown Jewel, houses state record Westslope Cutthroat and Lake Trout. Beyond the thrill of potentially catching a record-breaking fish, the journey through Priest Lake to Upper Priest Lake offers breathtaking landscapes that rival the excitement of the catch​.

Off-grid Angler

Seven different trout species
Experience the beauty of the Priest river
Experience a unique fly fishing journey​
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Off-grid Angler Off-grid Angler Off-grid Angler Off-grid Angler Off-grid Angler Off-grid Angler

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Off-Grid Angler, located in the heart of North Idaho, offers expertly guided fly fishing trips led by Jeremy Patterson, a seasoned angler deeply familiar with the region's best fishing spots. His approach combines vast knowledge with a patient teaching style, ensuring both novice and experienced anglers enhance their skills. Through Off-Grid Angler, participants not only fish in pristine waters but also immerse themselves in the breathtaking landscapes of the Selkirk mountains.

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Expert advice for these species

Off-grid Angler is an expert when it comes to fly fishing for these species:

Brook trout

Brown Trout

Rainbow Trout

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