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For well over two decades, we have scouted the best marks along the North Norfolk coast, and are widely-regarded as some of the most experienced and successful fly fishermen in the region.

We decided that we wanted to share our enthusiasm and knowledge with like-minded people, whether you are a local resident, holidaymaker, or just passing through. And so it came to pass, that North Norfolk Inshore was born.

We can target mullet, sea trout and are lucky enough to have a healthy population of large, hard-fighting, resident bass.

Many of the marks we fish in North Norfolk are hard to reach, involve long walks and can be dangerous without in-depth knowledge of tides and terrain. However, with Erebus (rib) and The Schoolie (tender) at our disposal, all of that changes. 

Talk to us about what you want to target and when and we'll offer you the best solution, either from shore or boat.

All of our skippers are committed to sustainable sport fishing, and to the conservation of fish stocks (especially in relation to Bass). 

North Norfolk Inshore

The hard-fighting sea bass specialists
Stunning sea views
Shore and boat fishing available
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North Norfolk Inshore North Norfolk Inshore North Norfolk Inshore North Norfolk Inshore

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Get in touch and tell us what exactly you're looking for. We can then tailor a guided day to you needs. Whether it's guided shore or boat fly fishing, we can make sure you'll have an unforgettable day on the salt!

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Expert advice for these species

North Norfolk Inshore is an expert when it comes to fly fishing for these species:

Sea bass

Sea Trout