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Fly tying

Markus Kunter's Fly Fishing School offers courses for beginners and advanced learners. The courses cover both the theoretical and practical aspects of fly fishing, making it as practical as possible for the learners. Courses include Dry Fly Fishing, Nymph Fishing, Streamer Fishing, private lessons, individual courses, guiding, advanced courses, warm-up, and an Amazon course. Fly fishing is presented as both a fun activity and a life philosophy, requiring practice and persistence for mastery​.

The school is located in Baden-Württemberg at the Argen, where the EFFA certified Flycasting Instructor, Markus Kunter, teaches the art of fly fishing. The courses and workshops are conducted on a private 3-kilometer long water body, the Argen at Laimnau, located directly on Lake Constance. Here, students learn how to handle the fly rod, perform various air and water throws, and understand the different ways of mending the fly line. Insect science and the right way to approach the water body are also taught. The learning experience is enhanced with the beautiful landscape located at the foot of the Allgäu, near Lake Constance, in the tri-border region.

Fly fishing is described as a way of life: exciting and passionate when a bite is imminent and the adrenaline from an exciting drill rises; calming and in harmony with nature when exploring the water and performing seemingly simple but elegant throwing sequences.

It is sophisticated and interesting when exploring the spectrum of food and choosing from a variety of fly patterns to serve the fish the right fly. Apart from the right technique for various throws, it requires knowledge about nature and the water body with its life forms.

With Markus Kunter, you can find the perfectly tailored fly fishing and fly tying course, up to guiding and individual workshops. The EFFA Flycasting Instructor and ORVIS Endorsed Guide imparts theory and practice at the highest level and with the passion of decades of enthusiasm for fly fishing. The Argen, with its top water quality, diverse fish population, varied water structures, and extraordinarily beautiful scenic surroundings, offers a unique learning environment​.

Markus Kunter Fly Fishing School

Guiding, workshops and fly tying available
3 km of private river fly fishing
Specialized courses like nymph fishing and cast analysis and improvements
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Markus Kunter Fly Fishing School Markus Kunter Fly Fishing School Markus Kunter Fly Fishing School Markus Kunter Fly Fishing School Markus Kunter Fly Fishing School Markus Kunter Fly Fishing School

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Tuition / Workshops

From individual to groups and from learning your first cast to improving cast number ten thousand.

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Fly tying

Learn how to tie important fly patterns, and learn the entomology behind them as well.

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Markus Kunter Fly Fishing School is an expert when it comes to fly fishing for these species:

Brown Trout