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Looking to fish salmon at Hembre? Stjørdalselva river is globally renowned for its accessibility, widely referred to as "the ultimate fly fishing river" with its diverse rapids, curves, and deep cavities.

Hembre Gård features multiple prime fishing locations that maintain a substantial salmon population throughout the season. Here, the prospects of a successful catch are high across all water levels, ranging from 20 – 300 m3. You'll have access to about 2.2 km of fishing from both sides when you reserve your salmon fishing experience with us. The area is highly accessible, offering a range of difficulty levels. Each year, we see about 200 salmon catches, of which approximately 80% are released back into the river. Roughly 10% of the annual Stjørdalselva river catch is caught in Hembre's pools, and this can rise to about 15% at the start of June.

We offer 9 notable fishing spots of varying lengths, all containing multiple "pools" that hold fish.

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Hembre Gård

Hembre Gård

2.2 km of salmon fishing
Accommodation available as well
Guides available all summer
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Hembre Gård Hembre Gård Hembre Gård Hembre Gård Hembre Gård Hembre Gård Hembre Gård

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Fly fishing guiding by Hembre Gård


Hembre farm has guides who know Hembre, Stjørdal river and the art of swinging the fly rod very well.

We have guides who is available all summer. We also offer tailored guiding and courses on request.

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