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Nestled deep within the Alps flows a river renowned among fly fishers as a hidden gem - The Lech. With fast water, and deep pools, it is a paradise in the heart of civilization, secluded from the outside world by towering pine forests. At times a wide, slow trickling river, and at other times, a torrent forcing its way through rocky terrains. The landscape is marked by hundreds of natural weirs and water stairs. Those wishing to match wits with these wild fish are well-advised to hire a guide. Thomas knows the gorges and pools where the fish reside like the back of his hand.

The fish

Careful fishing is the order of the day. Since only six day passes are typically issued for the 24 km stretch, the fish receive infrequent visitors, responding sensitively to harsh movements. But once you've outwitted one of these wild fighters and hear your reel whistling with your back against the steep rock wall, you'll be amazed at the unimaginable strength these fish can unleash once they've overcome their initial shock. In 1996, grayling were introduced for the first time, and early catches prove that they grow quite rapidly at this altitude.

The equipment

On the Lech, I recommend short-sectioned 8 to 9 foot rods of AFTMA class 5 - 6. Dry lines WF and leaders from 0.12mm to 0.18mm. Light waders, sturdy wading shoes, and a backpack for change of clothes in case of an unintended dip are suggested. A landing net is recommended. A short wading vest, light polarized glasses, warm clothing for the early hours, and sunscreen are necessary since we are at an altitude of 1,450 meters.

Fly Fishing in Lech

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Flyfishing & Flytying in Lech


Flyfishing & Flytying in Lech

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With an intimate knowledge of the local terrain, guide Thomas offers personalized fly fishing tours in the beautiful Lech river. He shares strategies to successfully catch the wild trout in this area, and even has hand tied flies available specifically for this water.

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