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Welcome to an unforgettable fly fishing adventure in the heart of New Zealand's Southland and Otago regions! My name is Mike Dennis, and I take immense pride in showcasing the splendid freshwater fishing opportunities that abound here. Whether you're seeking a brief angling escapade, a day of serene fishing, or a multi-day expedition, I am here to tailor your trip to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Meet Your Expert Guide

I'm Mike Dennis, a true New Zealand native who fell in love with fly fishing at the tender age of 10. My journey began by catching eels with hand-lines and experiencing the thrill of hooking my first trout on a fly rod. Since then, my passion for fly fishing has led me to explore the abundant waters of both New Zealand's main Islands, the Cook Islands, South East Asia, Australia, and the Pacific North West of Canada. With 25 years of guiding experience in Southland, known as New Zealand's Home of Brown Trout, and Otago, I have developed an intimate understanding of the waters and the fish that inhabit them.

A Passion for Teaching

Beyond guiding, I take immense pleasure in "teaching" the nuances of fly fishing to enthusiasts of all levels. Whether it's setting up your gear, mastering essential knots, refining casting techniques, or selecting the perfect fly to lure your prey, I'm here to impart my knowledge and skills. From beginners taking their first steps to seasoned anglers looking to enhance their expertise, I can cater to all. Come along with me for a fun-filled day of tuition, beautiful scenery, cool clear water, and the excitement of sight fishing to rising trout.

Embark on a Unique Adventure

Let me introduce you to the captivating world of Fly Fishing for New Zealand's spectacular Browns. For those seeking an extra dose of adventure, we can venture into night fishing along the lake edges and stream mouths. Picture this, casting with a mouse pattern (season depending) or a streamer fly, in the dark, as the stars glitter above. These are the moments when the "Big Boys" come out to play – the places where large trout tend to hang out.

Your Safety is Paramount

When you fish with me, rest assured you are in safe hands. I hold a First Aid Field Qualification and serve as an Operational Team Member of the Search and Rescue Organization, backed by years of outdoor expertise. Additionally, I am a proud member of the New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association, granting you the peace of mind that I am fully covered by all relevant concessions.

Book Your Fly Fishing Expedition

It's time to discover the beauty of New Zealand's lakes, rivers, streams, and the magnificent trout that call them home. Contact me now to secure your spot and embark on an unforgettable fly fishing journey. Let's make your angling dreams come true together!

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Evening Rise Fly Fishing Evening Rise Fly Fishing Evening Rise Fly Fishing Evening Rise Fly Fishing Evening Rise Fly Fishing Evening Rise Fly Fishing Evening Rise Fly Fishing Evening Rise Fly Fishing Evening Rise Fly Fishing Evening Rise Fly Fishing

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Fly fishing guiding by Evening Rise Fly Fishing


Embark on a guided fly fishing journey with Mike Dennis, a seasoned expert with 25 years of experience in Southland and Otago. From beginners to seasoned anglers, he caters to all, ensuring a memorable and educational adventure on the region's pristine waters.

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With Mike as your patient and skilled instructor, you'll receive top-notch tuition on setting up gear, mastering essential knots, and refining casting techniques. Whether you're a novice or seeking to enhance your skills, his passion for teaching ensures a rewarding and enjoyable learning experience.

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