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Experience the joy of fly fishing in New Zealand's South Island with our American-made Pro-Drift jet-powered boat. This opportunity allows you to explore waters that have previously been a figment of your imagination.

Booking a fly-fishing trip with us guarantees:

  • Exploration of magnificent landscapes unseen by many
  • Expansive coverage of water over the course of the day
  • Engaging in varied fishing activities such as casting dry-flies to sighted fish, drifting nymphs through riffles and runs, and throwing big streamers through holding water. We also stop for wading at edge water, runs, and drop-offs.

Understanding Drift Boats

Drift boats are the epitome of design and function, making them perfect watercraft for fly fishing. They are designed to drift along the river's current, with the rower or guide controlling the speed.

The art of rowing a drift boat requires skill and significant practice. Unlike traditional rowing where you face backward, in a drift boat, the guide or rower faces forward, using the oars to regulate speed and guide the boat away from potential hazards such as fallen trees, rocks, and rapids.

Our Maritime New Zealand certified, Pro-built, outboard, jet-powered Drift Boat is about five metres long and two metres wide. It is an ideal vessel for accessing dream fishing locations.

Our Certified Fly-Fishing Guides

Our fly-fishing guides are members of the New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association (NZPFGA), ensuring an exceptional and safe fishing experience. Contact either Simon Wilkinson or Roger Tompkins for booking your expeditions.

The Clutha River - Full Day Drift Boat Fishing

Engage in full-day drift boat fishing on the Clutha River, renowned for its high fish counts. The trip starts at 0900 hrs and ends around 1700hrs. Rods, reels, and flies are provided, along with a packed lunch and refreshments for single-day trips. This excursion for two anglers costs $1050 +gst.

Waiau or Waitaki River - 2 Day Drift Boat Fishing

We also provide extended expedition trips on the Waiau and Waitaki Rivers for a minimum of two days. These trips cover great fishing from the boat, banks, islands, and more. A full day for two anglers costs NZ $1050 +gst, excluding certain additional costs.

West Coast Rivers / Lakes Expedition - Multi Day Drift Boat Fishing

We offer custom multi-day, multi-river, and lake trips to remote backcountry waters, including the West Coast Rivers and South Island Lakes.

Winter Clutha River - Half Day Drift Boat Fishing

For those who prefer the cooler months, we offer winter half-day fishing on the upper Clutha River from May through late September. Our winter half-days start around 1000hrs and finish by 1500 hrs. The cost for this winter fishing adventure is $650 +gst.

Drift Boat Fly Fishing

Explore magnificent landscapes unseen by many
Employe a variety of fly fishing techniques throughout the day
Access beautiful locations otherwise not accessible by fly fishing from our drift boat
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Drift Boat Fly Fishing Drift Boat Fly Fishing Drift Boat Fly Fishing Drift Boat Fly Fishing Drift Boat Fly Fishing Drift Boat Fly Fishing

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Fly fishing guiding by Drift Boat Fly Fishing


Experience guided fly-fishing in New Zealand's South Island rivers and lakes aboard our Pro-Drift boat, offering an unparalleled angling journey. Our experienced and certified guides, Simon Wilkinson and Roger Tompkins, guarantee a day filled with varied fishing, breathtaking landscapes, and thrilling adventure.

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