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Nicolas has an intimate relationship with fishing that dates back to his early childhood. A passion passed down not from a father or grandfather, but from his mother and grandmother. The rivers of Hérault and Tarn served as his initial fishing grounds where he was introduced to the art of fishing. Over 35 years later, his grandmother's words still echo in his mind as he continues to explore various fishing techniques.

Fly fishing - a way of life

Nicolas has dedicated years to mastering the art of fly fishing. This isn't just a hobby for him, it's a lifestyle. He has devoted significant time to perfecting various techniques such as dry fly fishing. His passion lies in observing the natural surroundings, understanding the behavior of insects and fish, and studying the influence of weather and geology on fishing conditions. 

Guiding in Hérault – realizing a dream

Nicolas's journey was fueled by two driving forces from his childhood – nature and sport. Following his scientific education, he furthered his studies to include social careers and sports management, eventually earning a degree in Outdoor Activities Management. However, he felt the urge to share his passion and knowledge with a wider audience.

Bringing the dream to life

To achieve this, Nicolas pursued various certifications. He joined the training team at Creps de Montpellier and contributed to shaping future outdoor activity leaders. Nicolas's favorite playground remains the Hérault department, where he delights in guiding fly fishers, sharing his passion and expertise, and revealing the beauty of his home region through his fly fishing guide services.

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De Rîves en Dérives

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De Rîves en Dérives De Rîves en Dérives De Rîves en Dérives De Rîves en Dérives De Rîves en Dérives De Rîves en Dérives De Rîves en Dérives De Rîves en Dérives De Rîves en Dérives De Rîves en Dérives

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