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Chappie is recognized as one of New Zealand's most esteemed fly fishing guides, a distinction shaped by his lifelong passion for fishing. His angling journey began at the tender age of six, although it was at thirteen that he first experienced the allure of fly-fishing. The backdrop to his early fishing days was an idyllic mountainous region, generously dotted with over three hundred streams, a majority teeming with trout.

Chappie's training grounds were the smaller streams, where he gradually honed his skills. His most cherished fishing moments even today involve employing a dry-fly in a diminutive stream. In a daring move during the mid-1970s, he chose to deviate from the norm, selling his assets, quitting his job, and buying a 4WD vehicle and a caravan to set off on a three-and-a-half-year-long fishing expedition. Chappie firmly believes that persistence is key to mastering any craft.

Chappie is a 20 year member of the New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association  (NZPFGA). The Advanced Fly Schools are now also two days and in addition Chappie offers private One-on-one tuition in both single handed and spey casting. 

In the near future he intends to do On the Water three day classes that will include Advanced Fly Casting with single handed rods and Spey Casting with both Trout Spey and Single Handed rods.

Guiding Career and Contributions to the Industry

For over two decades, Chappie has guided fellow anglers, transforming his part-time hobby into a full-time profession. His journey also included several years in the fishing tackle industry, both at wholesale and retail levels. This phase provided him with invaluable opportunities to participate in the design and development of some of today's widely sought-after fly-fishing tackle brands.

Chappie Chapman • Chappie Chapman

Chappie Chapman

Decades of fly fishing experience
Two-day fishing schools for beginners and mid-level
Small stream expert
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Tuition / Workshops

Chappie organizes twenty-five two-day beginner to intermediate fly-fishing schools and around five to six advanced three-day classes annually. These courses provide anglers of all skill levels with a chance to learn and improve in the engaging sport of fly-fishing.

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