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At Bald Mountain Fly Guides, we believe that every angler, whether new or experienced, deserves a thrilling and enjoyable experience on the water. We recognize the challenges and disappointments of unsuccessful fishing trips.

That's why we've dedicated years to honing our fishing expertise, experimenting with various techniques and locations, to guarantee that anglers like you achieve the success you seek with us. Our team at Bald Mountain Fly Guides equips you with a diverse selection of flies and rigs, enhancing your understanding of the fly-fishing sport. We provide insights into the feeding behaviors of fish and their locations in the water, alongside educating on ethical fish handling and environmental conservation. We practice catch and release exclusively, ensuring our waters remain abundant with fish and emphasizing safety, prepared for any challenges nature may present, to ensure our clients feel secure and cared for.


Explore the High Uintas, home to over 1,000 bodies of water and countless stunning vistas. Join us to experience the unique beauty this region has to offer.

Anthony Poole

Hello, I'm Anthony Poole. With over 21 years of fishing experience and having reeled in more than 100 20-inch trout, I am committed to sharing essential knowledge and skills with newcomers to this wonderful sport. My goal is to help preserve our waterways and nurture big catches for future generations. I take great joy in meeting new people and am dedicated to making our time together on the lake both enjoyable and memorable.

Bald Mountain Fly Guides

Over 21 years of experience
Discover the stunning High Uintas
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Bald Mountain Fly Guides Bald Mountain Fly Guides Bald Mountain Fly Guides Bald Mountain Fly Guides

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At Bald Mountain Fly Guides, we provide expert-guided fishing trips, ensuring a memorable and successful experience for every angler. Our guides, led by the seasoned Anthony Poole, share their extensive knowledge and skills to enhance your fly-fishing journey.

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Bald Mountain Fly Guides is an expert when it comes to fly fishing for these species:

Brown Trout

Rainbow Trout

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