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Tenkara Fly Fishing

Tenkara Fly Fishing

Tenkara fly fishing originated in Japan. The main difference with 'regular' fly fishing is that the rod does not have a reel. You can see it as a simplified version of fly fishing as it only has the rod, a line, tippet and a fly. The rods are often collapsible (telescopic) so they're extremely portable.

A summary of Tenkara:

  • No reel
  • Just a rod, fly line, tippet and fly
  • Rod is collapsible (telescopic)
  • Rods are mostly 10 to 13 feet in length

What people like about Tenkara:

  • Easy to learn: casting is much easier as you don't have to extend the line or make a lot of false casts
  • Quick setup: because the rod is telescopic and you don't have a reel, you can have your rod set up in just 30 seconds
  • Portability: because the rod is collapsible you can keep one in your car, backpack or even coat very easily

Have a look at this video to learn more and to see how it works:

Introduction video to Tenakara
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