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Euronymphing is a fly fishing technique. The fly that you use is a (often weighted) nymph. You drop the fly in the stream and hold you rod at arms length and pointed upwards, so that the line comes straight down into the water. Then you move your rod as your lines goes through the current, keeping it straight.

You often don't see the fish, so it's different from sight fishing with dry flies. Knowing when a fish strikes is done either by using an indicator, by using a fly line where the end is bright and serves as the indicator, or by using a special colored piece of tippet. 

The fly rod used mostly for euronymphing is a 3 weight 10 foot rod. For sure you'll need 10 feet or more. The rod length will determine how far you can be from the fish, given you won't be casting out but the line just comes down from your rod into the water.

If you want to learn more, read our article about Euronymphing or have a look at this video:

Euronymphing how to video
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