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I try to keep the flies fairly simple and do my best to make long lasting flies. And I'm also a sucker for high quality materials!





About NordicFlyTying

My Name is Henrik, I am born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I have a passion for tying all kind of flies, but my main focus and passion is Seatrout and salmon flies. 

Hopefully i can be part of your way to catch the fish of your dreams! 

Thanks for checking out my little shop and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Tight lines!

Minimum order size: € 45.00


Fly • 9 variants HKA sunray from NordicFlyTying

HKA sunray

€ 12.00

Fly • 6 variants Small bait fish imitation from NordicFlyTying

Small bait fish imitation

€ 9.00

Fly • 3 variants Kobber Bassen - gammarus imitation from NordicFlyTying

Kobber Bassen - gammarus imitation

€ 5.00

Fly • 9 variants Five Hair Fly from NordicFlyTying

Five Hair Fly

€ 8.00

Fly • 4 variants Stickleback baitfish from NordicFlyTying

Stickleback baitfish

€ 10.00

Fly • 3 variants Tan Shrimp Unweighted from NordicFlyTying

Tan Shrimp Unweighted

€ 10.00

The species that NordicFlyTying primarily ties flies for

Arctic Char

Atlantic Salmon

Sea Trout

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