Perchy, a fly tied by Mika Lehtinen Perchy, a fly tied by Mika Lehtinen
Perchy, a fly tied by Mika Lehtinen Perchy, a fly tied by Mika Lehtinen
Fly • Streamer • 1 variant


Tied by independent fly tyer

Mika Lehtinen

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Mixed wing,perch imitating baitfish pattern.



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Kamasan B840

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€ 6.00


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Mika Lehtinen

Mika Lehtinen

Finland 🇫🇮

I dove headfirst into the world of fly fishing over 20 years ago, beginning with sea trout fishing along Finland's shoreline — a task considered among the most challenging for catching this particular species in the country.

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The Perchy is designed to catch these species

Brown Trout

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