Mika Lehtinen

Independent fly tyer

Mika Lehtinen

Finland 🇫🇮

I dove headfirst into the world of fly fishing over 20 years ago, beginning with sea trout fishing along Finland's shoreline — a task considered among the most challenging for catching this particular species in the country.







About Mika Lehtinen

I'm a perfectionist in nearly everything I undertake. While this can sometimes feel like a curse, it has been a blessing in the realm of fly tying. My quest for perfection drives me to continually explore, innovate, and develop new techniques for crafting better and more effective flies. I often even create my own dubbing materials.

My passion for fly tying was instant, a case of "love at first sight." Since I began fly fishing, I've purchased only 12 dry flies and have tied all the rest myself.

I craft a wide variety of flies, but most often use bucktail and zonkers as my primary materials. Looking ahead, I plan to produce all my bucktail materials from scratch—sourcing them directly from the woods and dying them in my own custom colors.

Seatrout candy
Seatrout candy
Saltwater,Tarpon fly
Saltwater,Tarpon fly
"New age" seatrout fly for coastal fishing
"New age" seatrout fly for coastal fishing
Baitfish pattern
Baitfish pattern
Legendary color combo for Pike
Legendary color combo for Pike
"Haili",an old seatrout pattern from Finland
"Haili",an old seatrout pattern from Finland
UV glue patterns.
UV glue patterns.

All these patterns and more coming to Boutique.

Minimum order size: € 50.00


Set • 16 flies Leech 16pcs from Mika Lehtinen

Leech 16pcs

€ 35.00

Set • 6 flies Zonker/Perchy 6pcs from Mika Lehtinen

Zonker/Perchy 6pcs

€ 33.00


Fly • 1 variant Clouser from Mika Lehtinen


€ 8.00

Fly • 1 variant Twisted Surf Candy from Mika Lehtinen

Twisted Surf Candy

€ 12.00

Fly • 1 variant Hot Head Mickey from Mika Lehtinen

Hot Head Mickey

€ 3.00

Fly • 1 variant Clouser Minnow from Mika Lehtinen

Clouser Minnow

€ 15.00

Fly • 1 variant EP Bunker from Mika Lehtinen

EP Bunker

€ 12.00

Fly • 1 variant Perchy from Mika Lehtinen


€ 6.00

Fly • 6 variants Leech from Mika Lehtinen


€ 2.50

Fly • 1 variant Heavy duty zonker from Mika Lehtinen

Heavy duty zonker

€ 6.00

Fly • 1 variant Zonker from Mika Lehtinen


€ 4.50

The species that Mika Lehtinen primarily ties flies for

Arctic Char

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna


Brown Trout






Rainbow Trout


Sea bass

Sea Trout

Striped bass


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