Jurassic Streamerz

Independent fly tyer

Jurassic Streamerz

The Netherlands 🇳🇱

Ties and creates specific streamers for specific anglers. Never shy to learn, tweak or alter a fly when the situation asks for it. I tie to catch fish, and I'm just as happy to see you catch that fish too!





About Jurassic Streamerz

A perfect obsession

I’ve been obsessed with fly fishing and tying for well over 11 years. I started out tying only what I needed, the basics. It didn’t take long for my first commissioned tie, and since then I’ve learned so much more about both tying and fishing. I always enjoy tying patterns that either differ from the original or are completely unknown, “Little gems of fly fishing wisdom” I call them. 

I’ve spend quite the hours in trying out patterns, tweaking and adjusting until it behaves the way fish like. Off course it’s up to the fisherman and it’s skill to present the fly and I’ll be the first to admit that I tie better than I fish haha!

I don’t know about you but I tent do try and catch fish almost everywhere I go, and when I haven’t fished a water yet I’ll be thinking about how I’d fish it. I’m an opportunist so tying flies that can be fished on a multitude of rod and lines is something I find important, the same goes with both salt and freshwater.

My favorite way of fishing is in the water itself, either wading or with a belly boat. I’m not great at fishing stillwater but I adore fishing little streams and rivers. Big fan of coastal fly fishing from the rocks as well!


Fly • 20 variants The almighty minnow from Jurassic Streamerz

The almighty minnow

€ 3.50

Fly • 9 variants Crazy Crawdad from Jurassic Streamerz

Crazy Crawdad

€ 4.00

Fly • 5 variants The Itchy bitchy crab from Jurassic Streamerz

The Itchy bitchy crab

€ 4.00

Fly • 4 variants Loosely Lucie from Jurassic Streamerz

Loosely Lucie

€ 5.00

Fly • 5 variants Damsel in distress from Jurassic Streamerz

Damsel in distress

€ 5.00

Fly • 1 variant Sauron Roach from Jurassic Streamerz

Sauron Roach

€ 4.00

Fly • 5 variants Chernobyl Sewer Streamer from Jurassic Streamerz

Chernobyl Sewer Streamer

€ 6.00

Fly • 3 variants Short Work from Jurassic Streamerz

Short Work

€ 4.00

Fly • 9 variants Sea Snack Streamer from Jurassic Streamerz

Sea Snack Streamer

€ 3.00

Fly • 4 variants Dirty Harry from Jurassic Streamerz

Dirty Harry

€ 2.00

Fly • 18 variants Lunchbox from Jurassic Streamerz


€ 3.00

The species that Jurassic Streamerz primarily ties flies for



Brook trout

Brown Trout


Common Carp

European Flounder







Rainbow Trout


Striped bass

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