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Sweden πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ

My focus is to tie flies of the highest quality, I use hooks from Sprite Hooks/Partridge Of Redditch and fly tying material from Troutline and Upavon Flyfishing.





About Ji_Flies

My name is Johan Ivemyr and I am a fly tyer and fly fisherman from Dalarna. I started tying flies and fishing with flies in the mid 90's. I started tying simple streamers and nymphs and made some valiant attempts to tie dry flies.

The last 10 years I have focused a lot on improving my fly tying technique and developing my own patterns on flies.

Minimum order size: 5 flies


Fly β€’ 3 variants The Pink Lady from Ji_Flies

The Pink Lady

€ 3.00

Fly β€’ 3 variants The Killer from Ji_Flies

The Killer

€ 3.00

Fly β€’ 5 variants Parachute Mayfly from Ji_Flies

Parachute Mayfly

€ 3.00

Fly β€’ 3 variants Yellow May Dun from Ji_Flies

Yellow May Dun

€ 4.00

Fly β€’ 2 variants Grey Dun Cripple Mayfly from Ji_Flies

Grey Dun Cripple Mayfly

€ 3.00

The species that Ji_Flies primarily ties flies for

Arctic Char

Brown Trout


Rainbow Trout


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