Jesse Harju

Independent fly tyer

Jesse Harju

Finland 🇫🇮

Passionate salmon fly fisher and fly tyer. I don't mind if a sea trout hits the end of the line. Focusing on spey, shrimp and classic flies.







About Jesse Harju

It all started at the rapids of Vantaankoski, in the Southern part of Finland.

I was at the very beginning of my fishing hobby. At that time, my grandfather introduced Vantaankoski to me and he took me there many times. At a young age, I caught my very first rainbow trout! I was sold and just wanted more and more. At that time I knew there was no turning back.

The last couple of years i've been focusing on salmon fly fishing and fly tying. I like to tie classic flies because of they are so diverse. With different materials and the amount of materials you can make a beautiful and effective fly swim naturally in any current. And thats what I find so interesting. My most recent topic of interest is Irish shrimp flies. Because what could be better than a tasty looking shrimp that catches big fish.

Jock Scott's tied on Mustad hooks size 2/0 and 2
Jock Scott's tied on Mustad hooks size 2/0 and 2


Set • 8 flies Glorious set of spey's from Jesse Harju

Glorious set of spey's

€ 214.99


Fly • 8 variants Colored Spey from Jesse Harju

Colored Spey

€ 29.99

Fly • 5 variants Rusty Rat from Jesse Harju

Rusty Rat

€ 9.99

Fly • 1 variant Olli's Shrimp from Jesse Harju

Olli's Shrimp

€ 9.99

Fly • 2 variants Red Frances from Jesse Harju

Red Frances

€ 9.99

The species that Jesse Harju primarily ties flies for

Atlantic Salmon

Sea Trout

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