Independent fly tyer


Lithuania 🇱🇹

A fly tyer and fly fisherman, mainly focusing on nymphs and dry flies for trout and grayling.







About FlyToTie

I am a keen fly tyer, fly fisherman, and the co-owner of the FlyToTie fly shop. Been tying flies for sale since early 2019. Over those years, I've put feather and fur over tens of thousands of flies, striving to become slightly better with each one.

My flies have traveled to the USA, Canada, Australia, Chile, Argentina, and throughout most of Europe, successfully catching trout and grayling for customers everwhere. 

Because I work in my fly shop, I get a chance to constantly stay in touch with competitive anglers as well as other people within the fly fishing community. This allows me to keep updating my fly selection and offer flies that perform up to par to my high standards.

While I do primarily focus on nymphs and dry flies, I feel quite comfortable with wet flies, steamers, Atlantic salmon flies, and pike flies. 


Set • 70 flies Timeless classics from FlyToTie

Timeless classics

€ 159.00

Set • 70 flies Attractor fly box from FlyToTie

Attractor fly box

€ 159.00


Fly • 4 variants Squirrel Collar Frenchie from FlyToTie

Squirrel Collar Frenchie

€ 2.50

Fly • 3 variants Flashback Pheasant Tail from FlyToTie

Flashback Pheasant Tail

€ 2.50

Fly • 3 variants Quill and CDC from FlyToTie

Quill and CDC

€ 2.50

Fly • 3 variants Peeping caddis from FlyToTie

Peeping caddis

€ 2.50

Fly • 4 variants Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear from FlyToTie

Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear

€ 2.50

Fly • 4 variants Sexy Walt's Worm from FlyToTie

Sexy Walt's Worm

€ 2.50

Fly • 3 variants Tasmanian devil from FlyToTie

Tasmanian devil

€ 2.50

Fly • 3 variants Red Tag from FlyToTie

Red Tag

€ 2.50

Fly • 3 variants Black & Pink from FlyToTie

Black & Pink

€ 2.50

Fly • 4 variants Rainbow Warrior from FlyToTie

Rainbow Warrior

€ 2.50

Fly • 4 variants Red Butt Zebra Midge from FlyToTie

Red Butt Zebra Midge

€ 2.50

Fly • 3 variants Duracell from FlyToTie


€ 2.50

Fly • 3 variants Green Tag Blowtorch from FlyToTie

Green Tag Blowtorch

€ 2.50

The species that FlyToTie primarily ties flies for

Arctic Char

Brook trout

Brown Trout

Cutthroat Trout

Golden Trout


Marble Trout

Rainbow Trout

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