Christian Ziegler-Kirchermeier

Independent fly tyer

Christian Ziegler-Kirchermeier

Germany 🇩🇪

I have been fly fishing and fly tying since I was 14 years old. I my flies I try to adopt different styles, like the Italian style or classic patterns. All of my flies are ones that I regularly use myself.







About Christian Ziegler-Kirchermeier

I started fishing very early in life. At about 6 years of age my father gave me a fishing rod and told me to go catch some Roach. This was when my journey began.  

Fly fishing has been part of my life since the age of 14, and has become more and more important to me as the years have passed. 

Fishing with the fly, and seeing a fish coming up to take it, has always fascinated me. This fascination with fly fishing increased so much that all other forms of fishing fell away to nothing.

A very important part of my fishing life involves tying my own flies. There is nothing better for me than to catch a fish on one of my own creations. At 14 years of age I had fly tying lessons, and since then I’ve tied my own flies.

In 2019 I started my own Instagram page, and that opened me so many new possibilities. It is a pleasure to meet so many nice people out there in the world, and be inspired by the flies they create.

I try to adopt many different styles, like the Italian style, or classic patterns, for example.

Here I want to give you the possibility to buy some of my flies, and fish with them, all of which I regularly use to fish myself.

Minimum order size: € 25.00


Set • 20 flies Set of 20 dry flies from Christian Ziegler-Kirchermeier

Set of 20 dry flies

€ 59.99


Fly • 2 variants Adams Parachute from Christian Ziegler-Kirchermeier

Adams Parachute

Available in a set

Fly • 1 variant Missing Link from Christian Ziegler-Kirchermeier

Missing Link

Available in a set

Fly • 4 variants Elkhair Caddis from Christian Ziegler-Kirchermeier

Elkhair Caddis

€ 2.70

Fly • 4 variants Deerhair Caddis from Christian Ziegler-Kirchermeier

Deerhair Caddis

€ 2.80

Fly • 2 variants Hares Tiltwing from Christian Ziegler-Kirchermeier

Hares Tiltwing

Available in a set

Fly • 2 variants Olive F Fly from Christian Ziegler-Kirchermeier

Olive F Fly

€ 2.50

The species that Christian Ziegler-Kirchermeier primarily ties flies for

Arctic Char

Brook trout

Brown Trout


Cutthroat Trout


Marble Trout


Rainbow Trout

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